Does it bring you joy?

Does it bring you joy?

Does it bring you joy?

Does it bring you joy?

A simple question to ask yourself as you engage in the process of restoring balance to your mental state.

Feelings of depression, anxiety or panic are reduced as you surround yourself with images, people and things that bring you joy.

Easy to say..but can be difficult to begin.

In order to know where to begin, I would suggest you reflect on where you are spending the majority of your day. Is it at the office? Is it in your house… if so is there a particular room? Is it in your car?

Here are the steps toward mental wellness.

Step #1:

Begin this process at the place you have discovered you spend the majority of your time.

Step #2:

Get a box.

Start with removing those items from this space that serve no functional purpose and do not bring you joy.

Within this space, look around and identify those items that make you feel anxious, guilty, angry or any type of negative feeling. Once identified, regardless of the value or practical application, if you can… you should remove it from your life.

Step #3:

Placing those items in a box and removing them from your space immediately is key. As you delay removing the item, your thoughts of guilt and waste will keep you from disposing of these items.

Remember, these negative items have no healthy purpose in your life. Once you are free from these items, you will feel better. Most feel better right away!

Step #4:

Take these items to the local thrift store or give them away.

Step #5:

Continue this process, until you are surrounded with practical, functional and joyful items. Removal of stacks, piles, collections and debris from your life restores balance and calmness to your space and mind.

If you spend a majority of your time within a common space, then reflect on what you have control over. For example, if you work in a common space bring an item from home that you enjoy, a plant or a picture. Simple additions to your space can be uplifting and inviting.

Sometimes, we have people in our lives that are destructive. Those situations are obviously more complicated.

Complicated does not mean impossible.

Reflecting on your relationships with these people, you need to determine if they are worth the effort to improve the relationship. If yes, then begin this process. If no, then begin the process of removing yourself from their life.

Improving those relationships begins with a true personal reflection. How much are you willing to change? How much are you willing to compromise? To be honest, some of those negative people in our lives are not worth the effort to build a better relationship. However, that is up to you to decide. Once decided, you need to act and either begin restoring or removing this person from your life.

Does it bring you joy? A question to ask often.

I love watching others as they transform their life into a life of joy and calmness. Removing the negative items and replacing with a sense of calmness is life changing.

I would love to hear about your experiences as you transform your space.