At what point does a habit become an addiction?

At what point does a habit become an addiction?

At what point does a habit become an addiction?

I get it

You want to keep yourself in check, yet when you are recovering from your binge…this is a question that comes to mind: at what point does a habit become an addiction?.

Well, I have an answer for you.

Whatever your pleasure- alcohol, sugar, tobacco or other “substances” the truth comes down to your thoughts/feelings around the substance.

For some folks, it is easy to tell if they are addicted. They can not function without their substance. They are struggling in life because the substance has become their life.

These addicts are easy to spot….at least we think they are.

Addictions are sneaky bastards.

You begin with a small or reasonable amount, keep everything in check and enjoy the feeling associated with the consumption of the substance.

You enjoy it so much, you add more

and more,

over time believing everything is still in check.

When in reality, folks notice.

People are talking and maybe someone might actually say something to you. Most of the time, folks don’t say anything unless it is someone who truly cares about you…like your spouse/partner or family and they are worried about you.

If someone has mentioned to you that your substance use is concerning to them…you should listen to them.

If stopping the substance causes you anxiety or fear, you need to talk to someone about your concerns.

If you think that you have a “handle” on this and can change, give it a 2 week try; stop using the substance for 2 full weeks. During the two weeks you will understand your level of addiction to the substance.

If you struggle and can’t go 2 weeks…then that is a problem.

To seek help…google your addiction and see what resources are available in your local area. Nothing positive will happen until you make the decision to get help.

If you continue with your substance…that sneaky bastard will take over and your addiction will be as noticeable as the person who came to mind when we started this conversation.

If you have concerns, your first stop should be your local addiction resources, if that is not possible or you have specific questions, you are welcomed to email me. I will respond as I am able.