How to Stop Anxiety: 5 tips you can start today

How to Stop Anxiety: 5 tips you can start today

How to Stop Anxiety: 5 tips you can start today

When your anxiety is percolating and you know you are getting ready to have a panic attack, use these 5 ways to cool your anxiety.

I teach them to my clients, and practice them myself.

Understand your body’s natural response to the perceived fear.

That rapid heart rate, sweaty palms, tense muscles and quick shallow breathing are your body’s way of preparing to either fight or run from danger. So, don’t fear it…embrace it. They are your super powers that equip your body to respond.

Learn to harness your super powers.

As your body releases adrenaline into your blood stream, you will have a natural sense of increased awareness of your surroundings which can fuel your deepest fears. These fears are typically based on a past experience. As the fear intensifies you become more focused and are highly motivated to leave or flee the situation. Instead of running from the fear, you need to stop and face the fear.

Learn the power of deep breathing.

The physical changes that occur within your body as you perceive fear are best controlled with deep breathing.

To check the quality of your breathing, place your hand on your belly. It should rise with each deep breath. Breath in through your nose and out pursed lips. Think of breathing out through a straw.

Oxygen is the antidote to fear.

As your body is actively prepping to run, your blood vessels are constricting and the blood is diverted away from your hands and digestive system into the muscles. This causes your hands to become cold and feelings of nausea set in. As oxygen is delivered to your vessels, they begin to relax. Relaxed vessels will bring the flow of blood back into a more natural state of balance.

Discover that your anxiety is much like a middle school bully.

Remember a middle school bully? The image of a powerful kid that is mean, forceful and always gets his way…this is similar to anxiety that is out of control. Just like the bully, when left to his own devices, will reek havoc upon anyone that is in his way. Anxiety left untreated can mushroom into isolation, uncontrolled fear and chronic medical conditions.

Bring in reinforcements.

Some of the best battles were won when commanders would bring in

additional soldiers. Those commanders viewed these other troops as needed support to achieve victory. The wise commander understood he could not do it alone. You are in a battle and you are the commander. Seeking help now will prevent you from missing another special moment in your life.

Within my clinical practice, I assist those with anxiety to overcome their fears. Anxiety is treatable.

If you realize that you need reinforcements to win this battle, contact me and let’s chat.